This site provides free service for people looking for transients, long term rentals, daily rent, apartments and all types of short-term accommodations.

We do not collect any amount from guests unless they hire us to specifically  locate a unit or rental of their preference.

TransientHomes is being run by few individuals who saw the need for a site that offers all kinds of rental needs, without costing money to the guest or individual.

The unit prices we post on this website are the "SAME" prices provided by unit owners.  We only assist guests in finding the best unit for their needs and nothing else.

Our service is completely FREE OF CHARGE!

NO service fee

NO added commission

NO administrative fee

NO jacked-up price

NO finder's fee (unless you hire us)

Do we earn from guests? We don't.

Do we earn from unit owners? No, all of the units are listed for free.

Is this a business website? It is more of a helpdesk website because there is no direct income.

We are currently located in Quezon Hill which is at the heart of Baguio, allowing us to serve you better and more accurate.

If you wish to exchange links, feel free to contact us.