For the rest of the document, The term "TransientHomes" or "We" shall refer to "Website, TransientHomes operator/handler, webmaster, server administrator, financier, managers, staffs, and/or affiliates".

TransientHomes is an independent entity that acts as a liaison or bridge for guests wanting to visit Baguio or any other areas posted in this website.

All prices mentioned in this site are the same prices establishment owners offer to walk-ins or through this website. There is NO service fee, NO added commission, NO administrative fee, NO jacked-up price, NO finder's fee (unless you hire us) for using our free services.  Since the service is free, there shall be NO existing nor binding contract between guest(s) and TransientHomes operator, webmaster, staffs, and/or affiliates. In short, we are a free service and NOT a business.

TransientHomes will "NOT HAVE ANY BINDING CONTRACT" of any nature with any person or group or entity at any given time, past or present.  Any verbal chat, text, email, phone, Facebook post, Twitter post, or any means via online or offline, written or printed shall only be treated as informal correspondence and all of which shall NOT be executory, nor shall be treated as a valid and legal agreement.

Most establishment owners will require "reservation fees" regarding their rented units, this is a regular practice amongst establishment owners due to the fact that a lot of people will reserve then cancel  before or on the same day of occupancy, and without the guarantee of reservation, this means a day lost in their business.

In case of reservation fee is required, we will assist you in settling this fee to ensure your selected unit will be reserved on your preferred date. We have setup ways where you can send the reservation amount directly to unit owners, or in some very very rare odd situations be sent to us, we will make sure that this amount goes directly to the establishment owner.

Please be advised that cancellation of reservation does not always entitle you to a refund of your reservation/down-payment. You may contact us regarding this matter in case you wish to know what process or issues a particular listing has on cancellation. Since we do not own any of the listing posted in this website, any cancellation shall be between Transient owner and guest only.  We shall only be limited to assistance of information such as phone numbers, address, public bank details.  No physical assistance shall be rendered unless we are directed by a court order issued in Baguio City.

TransientHomes shall be free from any liability and will NOT be held accountable for any misunderstanding/disagreement that should arise between transient Owner and Guest.

Guest shall have the full responsibility of their own items or valuables that they brought in to any transient homes listed on this website. TransientHomes and Transient owners shall NOT be responsible for any lost or damaged items while guest is inside transient's premises or while the contract/agreement is in effect between Guest and Owner.  Any item that is damaged, lost, or rendered useless through abuse or misuse shall be the Guest's responsibility.

Since we do NOT collect any fee from guests or any admin fees, all transactions shall be strictly between transient owner and guest, unless we are requested to mediate such, which only happens in very very rare situations.

We do NOT control any of the units listed in this website so any hidden charges, excessive fees imposed, additional payments and other extras should be directly discussed with the unit owner only.  We only serve as liaison and do NOT have any direct involvement in the modification of prices, collection of fees, contract or agreement.

Please be careful when doing deals through some other websites.  There are scam artists who create websites that looks legitimate but are setup to collect and funnel money to their accounts.  Please ask as much question as you can to make sure you are dealing with real owners only.

We have been around the internet since March of 2008 (see our tracker) which proves our age in the market and is our proof of legitimacy.  We did NOT come this far just to scam people.  We will make sure that all site visitors and guests who passes through our website are served properly and legitimately.  We physically check all units we post on this website.

TransientHomes does not warrant that the website or any materials obtained through the website is/are virus-free. If you download executable programs from the website, the entire risk as to the results and performance of such programs is assumed by you. TransientHomes is not responsible for the accuracy of or errors or omissions in any such programs, and TransientHomes does not warrant that the operation of any such programs will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that any defects in any such programs will be corrected. TransientHomes does not warrant that the content of this website will be error free.

TransientHomes shall and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including, without limitation, damages resulting from lost profits or revenue; loss of use of or reliance on the website, information provided or of any executable programs; loss of use of data or equipment; or other similar damages) arising out of the use or inability to use the website or any executable program or information obtained through the website.

We are not and shall not, be obliged, by any means, to disclose the nature of this website and to why we operate such.  We perpetually reserve the right, as agreed upon in this Terms and Conditions, NOT to disclose any other information included or not included in this website.  Disclosure of any data, details, items or information is solely at our discretion.  This is a free service, so if you do not like what we offer, you are free to choose any other entity offering the same service. 

We "may" opt to release information but the request should only be through a subpoena or specifically, a confidential arbitration in Baguio City.  Requests other than mentioned shall be gracefully declined and no response will be sent nor reciprocated. If we decided to provide information we deem safe to relay, the requesting party shall shoulder whatever cost the process may incur.

TransientHomes personal or professional identities shall remain anonymous and we shall NOT be obliged to disclose such personal or professional information, unless ordered by a court / confidential arbitration specifically located in Baguio City.  Any cost arising from this action shall be covered in its entirety, visible and hidden fees, by the requesting party.

Any dispute or court proceedings relating in any way to your visit to TransientHomes website or to units listed in the website shall be submitted to confidential arbitration in Baguio City, Philippines only.  The party who drags or involves TransientHomes shall automatically agree to shoulder private attorney's fees that will be incurred for the duration and resolution of any case filed.  Should a guest have issues with a unit owner, legal or non-legal, we will try our best to assist with information that may help resolve such issue, however, we are not obliged, or shall be obliged, nor shall be forced to mediate such issue. 

Should TransientHomes be dragged into any misunderstanding that arises between guest and unit/transient owner which may lead to a legal proceedings, the party dragging TransientHomes shall bear in it's full or entirety the cost of attorney's fees, food and travel allowance and any other hidden fees, charges incurred  through the process and up to completion of the legal case.

By visiting the link https://transienthomes.com (subdomain and any variation of the domain via http or https), or by using this website, viewing the pages and images, clicking and navigating through the links included, arriving to this site via search engine result, through a blog link, or via email, or submitting inquiry or calling the numbers posted, you automatically signed an indelible digital signature and irrevocably agree to the terms imposed and mentioned in this page and holds TransientHomes free from any liability whatsoever.  And by this signature, you also agree to waive your rights to contest any of the mentioned terms and condition of this website.

Ignorantia juris non excusat

Not reading or not understanding part, or the entirety of this Terms and Condition is not an excuse.

NO part or entirety of this website SHALL be reproduced, unless explicitly allowed via written consent by TransientHomes. This includes but not limited to images, html codes, javascript files (.js), css files (.css), data generated by the site, content, buttons, layout, assets, source codes, cached files and contents, etc.  Reproduction of any part of this website shall and will be reported accordingly and dealt with full force of the law.  We are protected via copyright and we reserve the perpetual right to enforce it.


Terms of this site shall and may change without any prior notice to site visitors, guests or transient owners as long as TransientHomes deemed as necessary.